Detox your kidney and intestines with cranberry juice

I just happened to read an interesting news article from the survey on Urinary-Tract-Infection (U.T.I) rates in the USA. The doctors are said to be opting for artificial catheter (A bendable tube inserted into urinary bladder for fluid removal) increasingly to solve elimination problems among patients. This is mainly because, they find it the only alternate, as the health-conditions of Urinary-Tracts among most of their patients has critically deteriorated. According to medical-reports on April-6-2015, more than 0.5-million Americans suffer from U.T.I related infection called Clostridium-Difficile every-year. This phenomenon is catching up on the rest of the world also.

This is where the medical experts feel the need of an alternate preventive measure which is natural and reliable. Cranberry Juice detox happens to one among the leading options, which is naturally and free of any side effects.If you take 100Gms of cranberry, it contains 9584-µmol-TE (Oxygen-radical-Absolute-capacity is measured in this unit). This is said to be highly anti-oxidant by nature.

As you are aware, every fluid that you consume ultimately ends up in your urinary-tracts or passes through it at some point of time. The tracts absorb certain radicals from them before eliminating the waste-part. When the anti oxidant elements from this juice are absorbed there, it naturally speeds up the process of waste elimination and intensifies its effects. When the Cranberry juice is consumed regularly, the cleaning frequency also increases, leading to healthier and stronger Urinary tracts. The chances of infection are lesser now.

There are many contradictory statements you come across on the internet today about the benefits of cranberry juice to eliminate the U.T.I. I would rather suggest that you try it out for a few weeks and experience the effects. Since it is purely veggie in nature, I am sure it will have no side effects at least! Once you start experiencing the positive results, you can recommend it to many of your friends who are potential U.T.I victims.

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