Multiple Benefits of ginseng fruit

The ginseng fruit, also called as the berry is the Panax-ginseng-plant-fruit. It contains a rich stock of amino-acids, vitamins and minerals, which are entirely different from roots of the plant. Many researches are going on in this field. The results obtained from the studies conducted so far have revealed certain interesting facts. Some of them are

Medical reasons to consume it

  • The berry/fruit contains certain compounds, which help in reducing fat/cholesterol from the muscles. However it does not work like a magical-potion. It does take time for this phenomenon to get initiated. According to experts, it might take about a week or so. But once the process gets initiated, it continues and intensifies.
  • There is a misconception which being spread constantly that consumption of antioxidants alone will eliminate fat. It is true that they do dissolve the unhealthy-fat in your muscles. But where will that dissolved content go? It needs to be burnt and converted into energy! That means you will also need to carry out at least simple exercises like brisk-walking to speed up the process.
  • The other obvious advantage of the fruits was observed in case of diabetic-patients. Many of them recommend this in the form of injections (This needs to be taken from your physician after consultation. You can’t take an extract and try to inject it yourself!). You can try out either eating them or opt for natural-supplements that are available online.


Studies have show that different types of Ginseng Berry have various benefits associated with them. Some of the most prominent types are Asian-Ginseng, Siberian-Gingseng, Korean-Ginseng and American-Ginseng. But all of them have certain common-characteristics that give immense-benefits to you.

  • Physical-Immunity: When you consume the fruits over a long time, it tends to increase your physical-immunity. You remain relatively safe from common-cold, cough, head-ache, body-pain and other ailments.
  • Temper-balancing:  Your emotional-moods are often controlled by the flow of blood to your brain-cells. Sometimes you might have observed that you get depressed without any external stimuli at all! This is mainly because of the lack of blood-flow to your brains/lack of vitamin-supplies. The ingredients in the Ginseng ensure that vitamins are consistently supplied to your brain-cells during the day. This will obviously keep you from getting depressed.
  • Increase physical endurance-levels: Studies have revealed that your body’s physical-endurance-level will improve by at least 10-15% after 15-20 days of consumption. It also helps in reducing physical-stress, as it eliminates the toxic-elements from your blood.

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