Alopecia Barbae – Symptoms, Causes and Natural Treatments

The moment you listen to the word baldness, you normally get an image of a man/woman with a bald head. Wait, for there is more to baldness than just causing hair loss from your scalp and head region. For example, the alopecia barbae is a type of baldness which causes hair loss from the beard regions of your chin. Though the exact causes have not been accurately determined, one pattern of study shows its connectivity with male auto immune syndrome. This is caused by the strange reaction of the body’s immune systems to its own body tissues and other natural pigments. It is often signified by the Lymphocyte white blood cells. The T Type Lymphocyte is said to be responsible for the development and propagation of Alopecia barbae, which is restricted to the male population.

What happens?
The Lymphocyte white blood cells start entering the hair follicles in the beard/chin area and start disturbing the normal hair growth activities in a rapid and destructive manner. This leads to weakening of roots, resulting in sporadic hair loss. If you observe carefully, it will be usually in the form of patches.

Alopecia barbae symptoms

Some of the most commonly seen symptoms among male are observed among the adult population, in the age group of 28 – 42. The initial onset of the problem is quite difficult to determine. It may start out as only one patch of baldness. Sometimes it also appears as many patches, sporadically spread all over the chin region. By the time it shows its true symptoms, it could be too late.


Practically speaking, there has been no single method of treatment for this type of baldness. This could be due to the fact that it is caused by a cell within the male anatomy, rather than coming from an external source.

However, the experiments involving usage of steroid cream treatment and injections seem to have given some promising results. Even these methods are said to be partially effective, in the sense that they have not been proved to0 be 100% successful in all the cases. In many other cases, various other forms of creams and injections have also been tried out with little or zero success rate.

Natural methods of alopecia barbae treatment

Pure Aloe vera

This method may work in some cases. As it is well known, aloe vera is a strong anti oxidant, capable of removing many types of toxic elements, fungus and viruses from the human blood and viruses. However, its effectiveness against the Lymphocyte white blood cells is not yet clinically determined. It is said that if the baldness is in its initial stages, this could be used as an effective remedy. Even in these cases, the chances of long term effectiveness are not established.

According to certain experiments conducted on patients suffering from Lymphocyte white blood cells attacks, the initial success was found among some of them. It was attributed to the Aloe vera capability for injecting the hair follicles with the required vital vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Suggested method of applying

Take a cotton ball and dip it into the aloe vera liquid. Apply it onto the affected areas uniformly. Let the area get soaked in the liquid for at least 15 20 minutes. Now apply another coat. You may need to repeat this at least for about 2 3 months, before you could hope to get any visible results.

Case study
One of the patients to be affected with this symptom happened to visit his dermatologist friend and asked him for a cure. Since the expert knew about the nature of this illness, he suggested that the “patient” should go for herbal treatment. Our friend was not too sure whether that method would work for him. He enquired about the possibility of any surgical method, for which the expert laughed out and simply said “No”. But our friend was not convinced.

He enquired from more than 10 15 experts, who advised him to either go for steroid treatment or herbal medication. Our friend finally went for the steroid option which gave him some relief!

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  1. “Now apply another coat. You may need to repeat this at least for about 2 3 months,……” Do you mean once started applying it should end after 2 3 months…. This is funny why dont you complete the sentence please. atleast clarify how many coats in one session.

  2. Having simple to long beard is a habit of many men but I always used to maintain the French beard because I like it. For the past 4 months, I have the small hairless patches in my beard and I was totally worried about it. When I contacted my dermatologist, he told me that it is the symptom of alopecia barbae. Similarly, he gave me the best suggestion to get rid of it.

  3. Recently, I was infected by the alopecia barbae which is actually the specific type of alopecia areata causing unnecessary hair loss patches in my beard. When I was noticed it, I immediately went to the effective treatment and my dermatologist has been motivated me to get the best treatment. He also told me that my over workload, depression and stress might be the main reasons for this issue. As my family doctor, he took much care on my problem and first suggested a medication. Then, he also gave me the proper meditation training and all other treatments to get rid of this issue.

  4. Usually, I don’t have a habit of full shaving my beard and mustache. I would always like to have the face full beard look. Suddenly, I have noticed that I have two to three hairless patches on my beard. My doctor told me that it is the result of alopecia barbae infection.

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