Baby fever – Do Not Ignore Even If It Is Not Major

Everyone would have come across the stage of a baby. When you were a baby, your mom might have worried about your poor health. If you become a mother, you will realize the feel of your mom when the baby is sick. Baby fever will make the parents panic rather affecting the kid itself. What you initially need to do is to check the forehead if the child has high or normal temperature. Having very high temperature, you shall conclude that the baby has fever. It is must that you keep a record of the baby’s body temperature because it will be useful to diagnose the health problem when your take the baby to the doctor.

Check for the breathing problems:

It is easy to find the baby falling sick ever when there is a slight temperature difference. You should also check if the baby is eating or sleeping properly. If any unusual thing happens, you shall immediately contact the doctor to diagnose and treat the health problem. Normally, the temperature of the baby will range from 97 to 100 degree Fahrenheit and your worry is quiet reasonable if this goes beyond that. The baby shall also be checked for any breathing problems because when untreated it may lead to much more complications.

Heartbeat – a good prediction indicator:

You should really worry when the temperature often fluctuates the whole day. Parents are advised not to prescribe their own medications for the babies when they fall sick. You must be sure of consulting the doctor or physician before giving the medicines to the children to reduce the fever. Heartbeat is also one factor to be noted when the children fall ill. You must definitely consult the doctor when the child is having faster breath because of the faster heartbeat. You have to try taking the temperature of the baby in the rectal region rather than any other parts such as mouth, armpit etc. That is the part where you can measure the actual temperature of the person. Make sure that you make the child comfortable by providing some lubrication to the part when you use the instrument.

Baby cleaning is essential:

Make sure that the skin of the baby is not so dry and moisturising shall be done by applying lukewarm water on regular basis. If the baby feels itching then you shall try using prickly heat powder to prevent from further infection. Clean the baby then and there when the skin is exposed to milk. It is good if the baby’s diapers are changed often and make sure that you replace the wet ones. The baby should not feel any dehydration so you need to give liquid foods than the solid ones. Liquid foods shall include tender coconut, fruit juices, soups, water etc that helps to maintain hydration in the body. As a parent ensure that you check each and every activity of the children and if you find any abnormal thing, try reporting immediately to the doctor for further diagnose and treatment. You should not ignore any slight fever because many unknown diseases are being spread out in the recent days.

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