Ashwagandha plant – Miracle medication from the Indian Sub continent

Ashwagandha plant is a form of herbal revitalizing miracle from the Indian sub continent. It has medicinal, cosmetic, aphrodisiac and many other characteristics. It is normally prescribed for the adults above 18 years of age. It is also known by the nick name “Indian herbal Ginseng”. The various parts of the plant that are used for applications consist of

  • Plant leaves
  • Plant roots
  • Plant fruits
  • Plant bark
  • Plant seeds

Each part of the plant has its unique compositions and work in a unique manner. That is one of the reasons for this plant being called “Ayurveda ginseng”, meaning its multiple uses. Let us take a look at some of the common compositions of its various parts briefly.

Alkaloids of different forms

Somniferine alkaloid: This is said to be one of the chief ingredients of the plant. In fact if you search the internet with the help of this name, you will be directly linked to the Ashwagandha plant related sites. It is known to give a numbing effect to the part of the body on which it is used. Perhaps this makes for the increased male performance levels when used as an aphrodisiac agent for male.

Withanine alkaloid: It has many characteristics related to medicinal uses. It works as an Adaptogen agent, antibiotic agent and a strong anti inflammation agent. Besides, it is known to work as a strong anti depressant agent also.

Choline alkaloid: It is highly useful for increasing the health and functionality of the human liver. It restores the efficiency and alertness in the working of neurological system completely. It is also known to reduce the neural tube defects to a large extent.

Anahydrine alkaloid: It is responsible mainly for the increase in the hormones related to the adrenal cortisol. This is highly useful in reducing the stress levels within the human and mind to a large extent.

  • Physical Stress starts developing in the human body due to various reasons. It could be due to weak organs, recovery from illness/surgery, lack of energizing minerals and vitamins etc.
  • Mental Stress starts accumulating due to the enormous changes in the chemical compositions present within the brain region. Sometimes this could also result in habituated depression. That means it is the mental stress on the mind due to the abnormal changes in the chemical compositions present in the brain. The Anahydrine alkaloid can help in curing both the conditions effectively.

Isopelletierine alkaloid: This alkaloid compound helps in relieving the nervous system from the multiple types of toxic elements, which get accumulated over there. It purifies the blood also to a great extent.

Steroidal lactone: It is mainly concentrated in the leaves of the plant. This is extensively used for applying onto the tumor growth. It is also highly useful for curing ulcers.

Diuretic elements: They are highly useful in normalizing of blood pressure. These elements are also responsible for burning of excess fat from the body and promoting weight loss.

Healing benefits

Recovery from a serious accident/trauma/injury/surgery etc takes time. Usually the process is accompanied with lots of pain and physical stress, often leading to mental depressions. When Ashwagandha compounds are used, they help in quicker healing of the wounds, relieving of pain and removal of toxic elements and chemicals that cause mental depression.

Preventive Agents
Taking preventive measures against the illnesses and diseases are considered to be the most appropriate ways of escaping from them. The ashwagandha churna, which is quite powerful in nature, provides many benefits including

Memory improvement: It is just like increasing the storage capacity of your computer. That means it physically increases the number of active brain cells in quantity. As you are aware, the human brain cells can grow even in adult hood and middle ages. This is mainly related to the growth of neuron cells. Ashwagandha Churna helps the neuron development in the ne cortex region, which is supposed to be associated with the process of thinking & logical analysis.

Male Sexual performance enhancement: All the sexual hormones and organs in the male anatomy are inter connected. Regular consumption of the withania somnifera compound is known to increase male fertility, performance power and endurance against premature ejaculation.

Female Sexual performance enhancement: It is responsible for increasing the flow of blood into various sexual organs of the female. Many of the females suffer from a strange phenomenon called frigidity illness. This is an unknown, yet subconscious process, which results from excess of stress, extending to both physical as well as mental stages. Consuming the Ashwagandha compounds is known to make her overcome this problem. Since it stimulates the sexual hormones to a strong extent, even the most frigid female would feel that incorrigible surge to merge with her male partner at some point of time!

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