Artery vs. vein, the difference between them, few facts unveiled

One of the most important organ systems in the body is circulatory system. It actually makes the blood to circulate and transport nutrients in different parts of the body. This is exactly what that helps in eliminating a lot of health problems or diseases. Artery and veins are the most important and very sensational part of this system and many people don’t know much difference between them. They oftenpay attention to information that represents artery vs. vein. Actually understanding the difference between them is very important for you. Many people create a lot of issues for them when they fail to recognizes the difference between these two.

Both of them are a part of circulatory system in the body. The basic difference is veins usually carry blood towards the blood while artery does the opposite function. Arteries are usually red in color where as veins are blue in color. Arteries are located deeper in the body while veins are close to the skin. When blood comes out from the body especially from an area around the hands, many people think that arteries are burst but actually blood comes out from veins in majority of cases.

Although arteries can also bleed but it is necessary for you to know what actually is bleeding from both of those. When you are putting efforts to stop bleeding from a cut, it’s good for you to know whether a vein is bleeding or it’s actually an artery. When it comes to artery vs. vein, many people fails to recognize the difference between them. You can simply put a pressure on bleeding area and can check out what type of blood is coming out. Of course it’s an artery if the coming out blood is spurting. In case blood is oozing, it’s a vein. Knowing this basic thing can save your life and make it sure that no blood comes out from your body in excess amount.

Deep vein thrombosis is the very common disease related with veins while the common disease related with arteries is artherogenesis. Both of them usually have same symptoms but in actual they are different from each other. Because of same symptoms many people think its artherogenesis when there are chances that it can be deep vein thrombosis. Thus the advice of an expert is highly recommended to you to know the same.

In arteries blood flow from heart to several parts of the body but in veins blood flows from different parts of the body to heart. Actually it’s the duty of both to make it sure that there is no flow of blood in the opposite direction for each other. Reverse flow of blood can be very dangerous for anyone and can even cause death.

Also valves are not present in arteries and the presence of same in veins makes it sure that limbs don’t suffer from any problem. There are lots of other useful facts that you can know simply by entering artery vs. vein on the search engines. Understanding the exact differences will let you know the nature of diseases related with them and how they can be treated.

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