All About A Receding Chin – A Necessary Guide

There are many different conditions, which can negatively impact your self-esteem. Some people feel overwhelmed with their acne, while others might suffer from a receding chin. What exactly is this condition and how can you remedy the problem? You will be able to find out below!

What Is A Receding Chin?

This type of condition is very similar to the receding hairline, but it generally takes effect at birth. Instead of receding at the hairline, the chin is the culprit. It’ll appear to be sunk into the neck. This can have a very detrimental effect on the individual’s psyche and mindset. Unfortunately, finding a cure isn’t easy and drastic measures must be taken.

Potential Remedies

It should be known that this condition will not negatively impact your physical health. It can have a negative impact on your self-esteem, which results in many seeking out remedies. In order to rectify this problem and reclaim your confidence, you will most likely need to proceed through surgery. There are two types of corrective surgeries, which are frequently used for this problem. They include a bilateral sagittal split osteotomy and a mandibular distraction. Take note that these are invasive surgeries, which will require a moderate recovery time.

Consider The Risks

Since this condition isn’t necessarily dangerous, you should strongly consider the risks of surgery, before moving forward. Some will feel that the correction is absolutely necessary, while others will agree that the risks simply aren’t worth it. Be sure to speak with your medical professional and learn about the risks, before making your decision.

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