9 Benefits Of Coffee (Aside From The Caffeine Hit)

9 Benefits Of Coffee (Aside From The Caffeine Hit)

Coffee is the weapon of choice for a huge number of people for a little extra spark of energy. With the affordable price of home coffee machines, seemingly a coffee shop on every street corner and coffee consumption through the roof, it’s very clear that the coffee habit is here to stay.

Many people cannot jumpstart their morning without the daily dose of caffeine and while it does provide energy boost, coffee has plenty more health benefits to offer. These benefits can be enjoyed, provided that you consume coffee in moderation. Below are nine other great reasons why you should love coffee more:

Helps Burn Fat

People who have been wanting to achieve their dream physique will find a sense of relief in this one. Coffee can help you lose weight. How? The caffeine content of coffee beans help your body burn the excess fat. It boosts your metabolism, resulting in a more efficient digestive system. Caffeine also helps release free fatty acids in your bloodstream to make them more available for energy use. Unfortunately, this does not excuse you from taking sugary coffee drinks.

Reduces Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is affecting more and more people each year. Studies show that drinking coffee regularly can help reduce your risk of getting this serious illness. One research revealed a 60 percent decrease in risk level for men and women after consuming five or more cups per day. The main reason why coffee is able to reduce the likelihood of having Parkinson’s remains unclear, but one study found that the likely culprit is the caffeine.

Improves Your Memory

Another great reason why you should love coffee more is its ability to improve your awareness and attentiveness. Other studies show that caffeine helps improve both short- and long-term memories. One research explained that caffeine helps in the neural process that helps the brain keep more long-term memories, which is known as consolidation. This means that coffee basically boosts your mental alertness to help the brain absorb more information.

Protects Your Liver

Alcohol drinkers tend to look for coffee after their drinking session to feel sober. Studies show that drinking coffee regularly can help protect your liver against cirrhosis. Researchers found an inverse relationship between the risk of cirrhosis due to alcohol intake and regular coffee consumption. They did not, however, find the same effects on drinking tea. This means coffee beans must have a secret content that helps shield the liver from a disease like cirrhosis.

Protects You from Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Aside from Parkinson’s, drinking coffee can also help decrease your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. One study revealed that drinking up to five cups per day, from mid-life onwards, can help reduce your risk of these two by about 65 percent. Another study reported caffeine to be the main reason behind this beverage’s protective qualities.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

You may be surprised to discover that coffee can also help protect you from cancer. Researchers have found a link between coffee consumption and reduced risk of breast, bladder, liver, pancreatic, and prostate cancers. They also reported that drinking around four cups a day can protect your from colorectal cancer by 15 percent, while taking two will reduce your risk of liver cancer by 43 percent.

Helps You Achieve Longer Life Expectancy

Coffee has been found to have the ability to help you live longer. This is probably because of its preventive qualities against certain types of diseases. One study revealed that drinking a cup per day could reduce your mortality risk by around six percent, while three cups could decrease the likelihood by eight percent. This means the percentage becomes higher as you consume more coffee.

Offers Great Source of Antioxidants

Coffee beans contain antioxidants that help protect your body from the cell-damaging powers of free radicals. Increasing your intake of antioxidant-rich foods and drinks can help make you healthier. Best of all, loading yourself with antioxidants can make you feel and look younger, too.

Helps Prevent Tooth Cavities

Drinking a cup of coffee per day can help protect your teeth from cavity buildup. However, you need to understand that this is only applicable to sugar-free coffee. This is because additives like syrup or sugar can cancel out the protective properties of this drink.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the health benefits of coffee. You now know that drinking a cup every day will not just boost your energy levels. It can even help protect your body from serious health issues, like cancer. Make sure, however, that you are drinking coffee in moderation and without much sugar. With these new learnings, you will begin to think differently about your daily caffeine fix, and how you can allow it to make you a healthier and more productive individual.

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