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Hair loss is a seriously worrying phenomenon that happens in many people’s lives. It not only spoils their health, but also ruins their self-confidence and motivation. If you look at the history of hair loss, it is evident that it has existed since centuries. In ancient times also, people suffered from hair-loss and baldness problems. Herbal medicines and homemade preparations were extensively used to combat this problem. With the advent of modern medications, the chemical based ingredients started taking over the Hair-growth industry.Today, you can see many multi-national companies selling their products at exuberant prices! But the results from using those products don’t seem to be working to well.

About home made growth solutions

Today, we take a look at some of the simplest methods of preparing homemade remedies to cure this problem of hair loss and baldness. These are very simple to prepare. Most of the ingredients are readily available or could be procured from the nearest stores. Moreover, they don’t give out any of the negative side effects, which are so common with the chemical based solutions, which you have experienced so far! Of course, their effects will not as instantaneous as those of their chemical-based counterparts. But once their effects start happening they will be irreversible and long lasting in nature. If you are interested in how to regrow hair naturally also, the solutions given here will be quite useful.

Alovera, Lemon concentrate, and almond

The combination of these three elements could make your hair not only grow to its full potential, but also keep it free from dandruff and make it glow also. There is no need to prepare larger quantities of this “concentrate”. You can make it in small quantities, as and when you require it.

Crush the almond seeds and make a fine powder. Now add about two tea spoon full of Alovera and equal proportion of lemon concentrate. Stir well and apply.

Aloe vera is an effective anti-oxidant: When applied onto the scalp area, it not only acts on the surface area, but also penetrates deep into the inner layers. As you are aware, your hair-scalp is made of several-layers through which your hair-follicles grow. It won’t be sufficient if you strengthen it from the surface area alone. The root along its entire length has to be vitalized. Moreover, each hair consists of many microscopic-threads. The preparation has to seep into individual hair and make the bonding stronger. Only then the hair will grow healthy and stay for longer period. Aloe vera has the natural characteristics to make all these processes happen.

Lemon-concentrate is a strong anti-bacterial-agent: Most of your hair-loss occurs due to the growth of bacteria near the base of your hair at the scalp-area. They start spreading evenly and moving into the root level as well as getting to the tip of your hair. During this process, your hair tends to become brittle. Lemon-concentrate helps you in overcoming these problems naturally.

Almond is a natural nourishing agent. This supplies all the required vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, which your hair for sustaining and growing.

Aloe Vera, honey and Goose-Berry shampoo

Using aloe Vera for hair loss has been in practice since centuries. It can be mixed with any of the natural ingredients like fruits, nuts and other natural oils. The most important characteristic of Aloe Vera is that, it can be used both as an internal as well as external ingredient. The shampoo preparation, which I have given you, is to be kept absolutely free from any of the chemical substances. Hence it is recommended that you don’t add any artificial elements to it before you use it.

Preparing this is also quite simple. You just have to mix two proportions of Aloe-Vera with one-proportion of goose-berry-extract and half-proportion of honey. Stir the mix well and apply it on the scalp area. You will need to massage it for about 2-3 minutes gently. Then wait for 10 minutes. During this time, the mix will seep into your scalp-area.

You can use this combination for a period of about 15-20 days consistently. You may not observe any immediate effects. But as time proceeds, you will be able to experience remarkable effects. Within a period of 2-3 months your hair growth will be stabilized.

Diet for preventing hair-loss

So far we have seen the external methods for overcoming baldness problems. When your diet-plan is in the right lines, it is easier to control the onset of baldness and make hair growth natural. As you are aware, baldness mainly happens due to lack of required proteins, vitamins and minerals in your blood (except, maybe in cases of genetically-induced-baldness!) and scalp-areas. One way of ensuring supply of these energizing-factors is through die-management.

Foods those are rich in vitamins, β-Carotene & Silica. You will need to prepare a spinach- salad. Preparing it is quite simple ad fast. Boil the spinach-leaves in water to a temperature of about 50-60-degrees-centigrade. Then sauté it with vinegar, salt and pepper. Spread it on a plate. Now you can garnish it with finely-sliced strawberry and apple. This is said to be highly rich-source of vitamins and minerals.

Foods those contain optimum-ingredients of copper/zinc. Mushroom+ Green-Peas salad. You need to sauté the finely chopped pieces of mushroom with green-peas, salt and pepper. Use Olive-oil preferably. Garnish it with lemon-juice, tomato/slices and pepper-powder.

Go for smoothies that prevent hair-loss and promote hair growth. Blue-berry-smoothie is said to be rich in Fiber, Glycine-compounds, Proline-compounds, Oleic-acid, palmitic-acid and many other fatty-acids that are essential for preparing the scalp-region. Alanine, Valine and the combination of Butyr-aldehydes fuel the growth of hair.

The other most important factor you need to remember is the hygiene-level you maintain. Regular massaging of hair and scalp-area with coconut-oil can help to a large extent. Try to avoid using artificial/chemical-based colors, dyes and shampoos. They can also accelerate the hair-loss to a large extent. Applying pure-castor-oil for a weekly-hair-massage can reduce the toxic-elements from the scalp and help in keeping the entire area cool. You will start enjoying the benefits for a long time.

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