Simple methods to prepare hair detox shampoo at your own home

Pollution and intoxication have always played a big role in contaminating your hair to a large extent. If you are not used to consuming alcohol or marijuana and related products, the former plays the major role. If you consume either one or both of them, then the effects are always doubled. Under these circumstances, it becomes imperative that you need to detox your hair completely without leaving a trace of toxic elements. This is not only to protect your hair and care for your beauty, but also to care for your overall health and fitness.

Today you come across many numbers great branded detox shampoo in the market. Most of them work effectively and produce wonderful results also. How every many of them contain chemical-contents, which may also leave behind traces in your hair and body? This is naturally going to have side effects, which may become visible in the long run or in the short run. How can you overcome these side effects and have good effects of detox also? Well the answer is very simple. All you have to do is start preparing your own hair detox shampoo formula at home.

The preparation methods are quite simple and straight forward. You will require only naturally available materials and the preparation method is also quite simple. There are many benefits of using these natural shampoos also.

  • They have nor chemical ingredients in them and hence they are quite safe to use.
  • Their effects last longer than the chemical-based shampoos.
  • They are quite economical in nature and don’t cost too much to prepare.
  • They need not be prepared in large quantities and stored. In fact, you can’t store most of them for may be longer than a week or so. But you don’t need to store them also. They can be instantly prepared within a matter of few minutes.

Simple ways to prepare home-made detox-shampoos

  • Coconut-milk and honey: Scape a coconut /half portion coconut-milk and add a tea-spoon of honey to it. Stir well and keep aside for a few minutes. Now, your nourishing and caring shampoo is ready to use. If you wish, you could add a few drops of lemon to make it more effective in nature.
  • Coconut-milk, Aloe-Vera, honey and lemon-concentrate: Aloe-Vera is known for its highly detox properties for removing the toxic elements from your hair. In fact it penetrates deep into the scalp region and benath. It would be a better idea, if you could apply the mix and let it seep into your scalp for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that celany wash off the mix in luke-warm water.Repeat the procedure for about 2-3 days. The effects can be felt.
  • Egg, Olive-Oil,Avocado , almond-oil, vinegar and Lemon-Concentrate: This combination is knownnot only to clean your hair, but also strengthen the roots. Besides it prevents hair from breaking. Prepare a fine mixture of all the ingredients and rince your hair with it. Let the mix seep into your hair for about 10-15 minutes. Then you could shower or wash your hair. Before you actually start using it, it would be better if you know some of the probable reasons for your hair to break.

Reasons for hair-break:

  • Protein-deficiency: When your diet is low on protein, the amino-acids content of the hair get reduced. At one point of time they start breaking.
  • Mineral-deficiency: Minela like Zinc and Iron make up hair strength. If you start consuming food which is low on these elements, this could result in weakening of hair from within. It becomes brittle and the process of break-down gets initiated.
  • Weakening of hair-roots: Hair-papilla is the region from which hair starts originating. This region also gives strength to its roots. Excess heat, improper maintenance and pollutant accumulation could gradually lead to the weakening of this region. leading to hair breakage.

There are many other methods also by which you can prepare the hair detox shampoo at home. If you don’t find the time to do it, you can also opt to buy these natural shampoos from online-stores. There are many such online-shops selling natural ingredient based shampoos at highly competitive prices.

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