Caring for a healthy and beautiful hair with cinnamon

Cinnamon hair care is supposed to be one of the most innovative ways of beautifying your complete appearance. You may be a normal office going person, a beauty contest participant, a glamorous model, an actress or someone with a high status in the society. Or you may be even a simple home maker. No matter what you do, cinnamon plays a great role in your everyday beauty care activities. Let us take a look at how you can get the best out of it now!

Why cinnamon for you hair ?

An early morning hair rinse with cinnamon bark oil, followed by 15 minutes of waiting and a wash is all you need to make a bright beginning for your day.

  • The toxic elements accumulated in the scalp area of your head get cleaned.
  • It clears all the dandruff, dust and other impurities from your hair.
  • It strengthens your hair follicles as well as the roots.

When you return home in the evening, you normally take a shower isn’t it? This will be right time for you to use a Cinnamon paste massage for your hair. This will help you in many aspects. Prepare a thick paste by mixing the Cinnamon powder with water. Then apply it gently onto the scalp area. Massage it for about 15 20 minutes slowly, taking your time. Make sure that your entire scalp is covered. Wait for about 10 minutes.

Now take the paste and apply it all over the length of your hair till the tips. Now massage the entire length of your hair gently. Cover your complete hair with a clean foil. Wait for another 10 minutes. Now remove the foil and wash you hair with lukewarm water/water at room temperature thoroughly. What do you experience?

As you start massaging your scalp with Cinnamon, it seeps into the roots of your hair, reaching to its follicle section. This in turn has its connectivity with your body temperature at the Papilla level. This is because of the papilla hair matrix, which is just below the follicle, layer gets heated too soon. When you go out in the sun, this is the layer that absorbs most of the external heat. If you really wish to make your hair grow thickly, you need to take care of this matrix region well. Massaging is going to do it just right for you.

As you are aware your hair is sectioned into various layers. The main layers are cuticle layer, cortex layer, medulla layer etc. Each layer in turn will be again divided into many sub layers. You need to make each layer healthy and strong in order to thicken the hair growth in the long run. This is successfully achieved by the Cinnamon paste massage.

The composition of Cinnamon bark, cinnamon leaf, Cinnamon roots are entirely different. You will be able to prepare the paste from any of the sections, depending on your needs.

However, the most common compounds are

  • Camphene compound: It helps in preventing your hair from thinning. Its effects start at the follicle level and penetrate into the layers of your hair deeply.
  • Beta Phellandrene compound: It clears your scalp and hair roots of toxic elements. Moreover it helps your hair to grow.
  • Isoborneol compound: This is called as common camphor. It is highly energizing in nature and keeps all your hair bonding together. That means your hair is now prevented from withering away and you are saved from hair loss.
  • Iso Eugenol compound: It has a very good aroma and makes your hair fragrant natured. As you are aware, fragrance is also useful in improvising the average health and life span of your hair in the long run.

Prevents your hair from graying/whitening and aging. As you grow in age, your hair will be the initial indicators! So you need to silence the warning bells before they start ringing. By massaging your hair regularly with oil, paste and juice made of cinnamon fruits, you are making sure that the aging signs are prevented. This could be clearly experienced with the added shine and original color retaining characteristics obtained by your hair over time. In addition, it has no negative side effects of any sort at all.

Besides home preparations, you also have options to buy natural cinnamon based products, with zero chemicals. They can be bought off the shelf from your nearby malls or even on line.

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