Avoiding hair loss while taking creatine compound

What is Creatine?
This is an essential amino acid based compound, which is present in all the human tissues. Its main task is to manage the supplementing of energizers and nutrition containing vitamins and minerals to the muscular cells during muscle contraction process. This happens in two ways, namely with a change in muscle length (an isotonic type of contraction) and without any changes in muscle length (a non-isotonic type of contraction).

  • People with a deficiency of this compound start consuming it artificially.
  • Since it is said to boost muscle contraction, athletes and sports persons consume it, in order to enhance their muscle endurance power.

What is the link between Creatine consumption and baldness development?

Arguments in favor
In some cases, it was found that those sportspersons who consumed this compound regularly were found to be victims of increasing baldness /hair loss. It is said that any quantity of Creatine, which goes above 5Gms per day could have negative impacts on the consumer.

Besides, Creatine is said to be responsible for the changes in the production levels of Dihydrotestosterone hormones. When they come in contact with the root hair follicles of male, it blocks/hinders the capacity of the follicles to absorb the vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which are required for the healthy growth of hair. This results in the weakening of roots and leads to eventual hair loss.

Ways to prevent/reverse this process

You might easily say that the best way is to stop the consumption of Creatine compound completely. But this is not going to solve the muscle fitness and endurance development requirements of the aspiring athletes. Therefore we need a method by which hair loss can be prevented/rolled back while you continue with your consumption of Creatine compound.

There are basically 2 methods by which this can be achieved. First one is by the consumption of tablets and /or medications to reverse the effects of creatine compound on the onslaught of baldness. This can be reportedly done by removing the follicle blocks created by the Creatine Compound. The second method is by removing these blocks naturally. Some such methods are

  • Using Aloe vera gel for scalp massaging: When you adopt this procedure, you must take care to see that the massaged gel stays within your scalp region for at least 20 25 minutes. This will allow the right time for the aloe vera gel to seep into the root areas.
  • Henna massage is another natural method for removing the blocks at the root of hair follicles. This natural compound takes care of strengthening your complete hair from its roots till its tip also.
  • Switch to drinking Green tea: It is highly antioxidant natural. Regular consumption could lead to prevention of hair loss in the long run. However, experts recommend that this procedure needs to be supplemented with regular usage of one of the above-specified methods to make it effective.
  • Change your diet plan: You will need to consume more of natural antioxidant foods and fruit juices regularly. Pomegranate juice could be quite helpful in this. If you add a teaspoon of aloe vera concentrate along with it, you can hope to get better results. You will need to follow up this diet plan with lots of veggies like Broccoli, cucumber and tomato salad. If you could reduce the intake of creatine compound for a while, it could speed up the hair regrowth process also.

Arguments not in favor

creatine and hair lossWhile there is so much being discussed about creatine compound, its negative side effects and solutions; there is yet another argument which says that creatine and hair loss is a mere myth. This has gained in popularity due to the fact that the creatine and hair loss have never been proved practically by talking multiple sample studies.

The second point is that every “body” has a different way of handling D.H.T. In some cases it has been tested that D.H.T has no negative impacts on the functioning of hair follicles at its root levels.

It could be highly contradictory issue, looking at the supporting factors provided by both the groups either in favor of the argument or against it.

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