Effective remedies for baldness through reliable and trusted methods

Baldness is not just a process of losing hair, rather it is considered as a phenomenon through which one could lose self-identity in more than one way. There are many disadvantages of getting bald. They involve physical, medical, biological and psychological aspects. There are various reasons for baldness to occur. It can take different forms and start at different ages, proceeding in multiple stages. To some it happens quickly while with others it takes time. Whatever be the different aspects, finally it leaves a person shattered. The methods vary depending on the gender and type of baldness. Let us look at some of them in brief related to men’s.

There are different methods for cure baldness


Characteristics: The medical name of this type of baldness is “Androgenetic Alopecia”. The front-part of the hair-lines starts diminishing. It happens at both the corners of the scalp-area. It usually takes the form of English alphabet-M. Sometimes it may also look like the alphabet-V. In some men, the process starts at the age of 21-22 and progresses till they have hair left only at the skull-base!

Treatment: It includes transplantation of hair, Re-construction of the scalp-area, FUE-harvesting-treatment, electrolysis-treatment etc. Natural-remedies include application of

  • Birch Oil: You can add this oil with your shampoo to get maximum results. It strengthens the roots of your hair in the window’s peak-region and prevents them from falling off.
  • Burdock Roots Oil: This is primarily used for improving the scalp-health. Besides, it improves the natural-shine. It also prevents the thinning/falling of hair in the Widow’s-peak area.
  • Rosemary Herb: In fact, this herbal-oil is used for making your baldness disappear and facilitate hair-re-growth. You could use it for massaging your scalp-area. If you wish to get the best remedial-effects out of this herb, you can try mixing it with tea-tree-oil+ basil-oil. This compound also acts as an anti-dandruff-agent.
  • Aloe vera: Its main function is to remove the toxic-elements from your scalp area, besides promoting skin and hair-growth in that section. Once your scalp becomes healthy, hair-growth is made natural and faster. You could also use it as a part of your diet to clean your body of the toxic-elements within.
  • Chamomile Oil: It is used to remove the accumulated-stress from the scalp-area. It nourishes the weakening-follicles and strengthens the roots of your hair. It is so powerful that it can be used for re-initializing hair-growth even after chemo-therapy treatment!
  • Pepper Mint Oil: Most of your hair-root-weakening, hair-fall, thin-hair and other problems occur because, the flow of blood into the scalp-region gets restricted due to accumulation of toxic-elements in the blood-veins in scalp-region. Pepper-mint-oil successfully removes the blocks in the veins and facilitates the supply of extra-oxygen. This process makes the roots lively and stronger, thus enabling natural-growth.

Vertex baldness:

Characteristics: When the level of insulin-element gets higher than its natural levels, it leads to vertex balding. It results in constantly decreasing hair-line and baldness at the crown of head. It is said that more than 68%-69% of the baldness is caused by this type alone.If you take a look at the hair-pattern after this baldness has started, it seems as though a thin weaving of hair has been laid-over a flat-surface, with an inverted-U-shaped bald-head beneath. The corners are still left with some amount of hair still intact.

The most interesting fact about this baldness is the vertex-area where it originates.According to experts, this area of the scalp is the most-responsive-section to treatment, provided the method is natural and reaches the roots of hair. Transplant is one such method, where hair is taken from the surrounding-region and implanted in the crows-area which is in the U-Shape. The other natural methods are made effective with

  • Natural herbal hair cream: Before you select any brand for your hair-cure, make sure that it is free from any sort of chemical-compositions. Its main ingredients include chick-pea, Goose-berry and
  • Aloevera mix: You can also prepare it at home. If you don’t know the exact method of preparing it, you can buy it off the shelf.


  • Herbal Oil: One of the easiest ways of preparing natural-hair-oil for vertex-baldness-treatment is through the combination of Alovera-oil, coconut-oil, honey and Neem-oil. Prepare a fine-mix and store it in a dry and cool-place. It is recommended that you prepare only the required quantity for about 2-3days in advance to keep its effects alive!


Characteristics: This is also called androgenic-pattern-baldness. It is said to be mainly prevalent among the Asian-men-population. According to reports, more than 74% of men are affected by this type in this region. Besides, it is also seen among the Europeans. Genetic-factors play a major-role as a major cause. It starts from the temple-area and spreads. The temple-region hair starts thinning and finally disappears, leaving only the corners-hair intact to some extent.

Treatment: One of the most powerful and long-lasting cure is transplantation-method. The other natural methods include

  • Green-tea-consumption: It works because it cleans the internals of your scalp. The Poly-Phenol-compound present in it removes the toxic-elements from the veins, which carry blood to the temple-region. As the roots and pores start getting cleaned, it naturally leads to re-growth of follicles in that region.
  • Now that you have cleared the roots, it is time to initiate the hair-growth. You can do it with Rosemary-oil, Chamomile-oil, Lavender-oil or any other with rich contents of fatty-acids. You need to regularly massage the area affected. You may not be able to see any visible effects in the beginning for at least 2-weeks. This is because, the scalp-area is being cleaned externally and the strengthening of roots is happening at this stage. Don’t lose patience and keep continuing. Then you will certainly start experiencing tiny shoots of hair springing from this region. It may take time, depending on your body and health-condition, but it surely will show practical results over time. Now you need to back-up with healthy food containing olive/coconut-oil once in 3-4 days to make the effect stay longer.

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