Core causes of alopecia androgenetica in male

The term alopecia androgenetica is a medical synonym for hair loss. It is prevalent both among male as well as female genders. Here, we take up the hair loss syndrome in both genders and analyze its causes in brief. As you are aware, the causes vary in nature. Some are genetic in nature, while others are caused by increased use of medications, artificial conditioners, shampoos, hair oil etc. Illnesses and allergies could also be responsible for hair loss in some cases. The other type is known to be caused by increasing physical/mental stress also. Let us take a brief overview of these causes. The major type of baldness as seen is the Androgenetica Alopecia baldness, which is caused due to either genetic reasons or D.H.T excess.

Genetic causes: The Androgen Receptor Gene is said to be inherited from mother and/or from father. In one of the studies, it was revealed that the intensity of male hereditary baldness was more from the mother’s side. This was mainly attributed to the X chromosomes, which are passed onto the child from the fore fathers belonging to the mother’s side.

D.H.T: Di Hydro Testosterone is yet another hormone, which is common among men. It is said to be the active form testosterone. It is supposed to promote and regulate the regular maleness features associated with development of body hair, prostate glands, balancing of sexual inclination/libido etc. However, the studies have further revealed that as long as D.H.T is in correct balance with androstenedione hormone, the production of testosterones will be in healthy conditions, keeping the complete sexual hormones functionalities in a balanced manner.

However when the production of D.H.T excess that of the androstenedione hormone, the results could be leading to negative side effects like increased hair loss. They normally block the entry of vital vitamin, nutrients and minerals through the hair follicles. This causes the roots to go weaker in time and hair fall intensifies.

Major types of hair loss associated with alopecia androgenetica

  • Patchy type: It is said to start at the occipital (at the back of male skull, diagonally above the left ear region) area. Sometimes this phenomenon could also start at the Parietal (Just above the Temporal lobe which is right above the left ear region) area. This normally leads to irregular shapes of baldness.
  • Total Type: This is a type of complete baldness in which not even a single thread of hair remains. Sometimes it gives a feeling that the head ahs been shaved! This happens in very rare cases where the male body immune system starts an assault on the roots of hair follicles. The exact reasons for the male immune system to show such a behavioral pattern are yet to be discovered by the medical community.
  • Alopecia areata type baldness: This is another type of baldness which is common among both the genders. It causes patches of hair loss on parts of the head, body as well as the beard and moustache regions. This is found to be most prevalent among people who have ancestors with Diabetic and/or thyroid problems.
  • Universalis Alopecia type baldness: This type of baldness leads to hair loss from all over the body. This is another classical example of auto immune attacking syndrome, where the immunity system cause damages to the hair follicles in the scalp as well as the skin areas. The actual causes for why this phenomenon occurs are not yet determined. This is found to be common among all ages, especially among the teens and young adults.
  • Disseminata Alopecia baldness: This is another type of baldness which occurs all over the head scalp region and parts of the skin. This is known to be common among all the age groups and both the genders. Studies have revealed that messed up functionality status of the thyroid glands could be one of the major causes of this type of baldness. It is found to be more dominant among men than in women.

Medical science has made only partial progress in determining the actual root causes of hair loss and baldness till date. Researches are consistently in progress to arrive at the exact causes.

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