Learning All About An Expired Pregnancy Test

Learning All About An Expired Pregnancy Test

Over the years, women all around the world have been given the world’s greatest surprise, when they learn they’re pregnant. This is definitely an exciting moment, which will never be forgotten. Of course, you need a little assistance, in order to confirm your pregnancy. Some women like to purchase a pregnancy test and keep it around for emergencies. Is this possible or will these tests expire and become useless with time? Below, you will find out!

Do Pregnancy Tests Expire?

Many women aren’t entirely familiar with the pregnancy test. They know its purpose and how to use it, but they don’t know the specifics. For starters, it is entirely possible for a pregnancy test to expire! Each test actually comes with its very own expiration date. The amount of time it takes for these tests to expire depends and could vary between 2 and 3 years. Generally, you will find that cheaper tests come with a shorter lifespan, while costlier tests usually last longer.


It is absolutely essential to remember that an expired pregnancy test will be much more likely to provide you with inaccurate results. Therefore, you should always check the date, before taking the test. This simple behavior will help to ensure that you receive an accurate result and can begin preparing for the future, as quickly as possible!

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