Everlasting Aroma and Energizing factors of the Ginseng tea

Everlasting Aroma and Energizing factors of the Ginseng tea

If you happen to be avid lover of aroma and great health, you will certainly appreciate the benefits of ginseng tea in the long run. It has many herbal-ingredients which help you in attaining complete physical, mental as well as psychological well being after its consumption.


The quantity of ingredients is often determined for a single cup of tea that you are going to prepare. With this in mind you can safely assume that making of one-cup Ginseng-tea needs

  • Two-table-spoons of Ginseng-root, freshly-grated.
  • 1-table-spoon of dry-lemon-grass
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 4-6 cracked cardamom/1-table-spoon of cardamom-powder
  • Sugar to taste
  • One table-spoon of honey (Optional).


Boil all the ingredients in water to a temperature of 90C-100c. Let the boiling proceed for about 10-15 minutes. Then you can slowly reduce the temperature in stages and ultimately turn out the flame. There are several reasons for doing this.

  • When the temperature reaches the peak-level, the ingredients start breaking up. Ginseng-root is quite soft in nature and hence it does not take too much of time. But the mixing of ingredients with each other takes time.
  • As the temperature is slowly reduced, the concentration starts intensifying. The more time you take to reduce the temperature in stages, you can expect the concentration levels to be that much stronger.

Then you can filter the concentrate and take only the liquid part of it. Though you can mix it with milk, the most recommended method is to add a few drops of Lemon-concentrate to it before serving hot without milk.


Ginseng-tea is said to be highly anti-oxidant in nature. That means it has the properties toremove most of the toxic-elements, which are present in your blood. In addition, it also burns the unhealthy-fat from your muscles. Thus, it helps you in shedding weight. It also enables cleaning of your blood. Cardiovascular-system and digestive-canals get cleaned up. This is quite useful in increasing your appetite to a large extent. Hence, it is also used as a great appetizer.


Since the ingredients clean your blood and pump it with extra oxygen, the flow of oxygenated-blood into your brain increases its functional-efficiency. That means you get smarter. You’re cognitive and intuitive-capabilities also increase with time.


Though it has not been technically proved,experienced users say that it makes them feel completely in peace with themselves and overcome the everyday stress and strain rather easily.

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