Dong Quai Abortion – Everything You Should Know (SAFE USE)

Dong Quai Abortion – Everything You Should Know (SAFE USE)

Being pregnant can be a scary thing, especially if this if your first time. It is possible that you may have or may not have planned the pregnancy. Whatever the situation might be it is completely your decision whether or not you want to keep the child. You always have the option of carrying the child, and then giving it up for adoption. However, you may not even want anyone to know that you are pregnant at all. This is where an abortion can come in handy, but the whole process can be embarrassing, stressful, and even expensive. This is where Dong Quai enters the picture.

Dong Quai can be both helpful and hurtful during pregnancy. Below, you will learn more information about Dong Quai and how to properly use it.

What Is Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a plant that grows in the damp, cold mountains of Korea, China, and Japan. The plant consists of purple colored stems and has umbrella shaped white flowers. This plant is often times used as a blood purifier and muscle relaxer, but it can be used for several other purposes as well.

Herbal Abortion

Some women are using Dong Quai in combination with blue and black cohosh to induce an herbal abortion. Keep in mind that this can be a very dangerous process, if it is not performed correctly. Using the incorrect amount of herbs can lead to a number of complications. However, if the proper combination of herbs is used, the abortion can be a success.

With all that being said, you should never try to induce a natural abortion without the supervision of a professional trained medical physician. This whole process will need to take place early in your pregnancy. Dong Quai can actually be beneficial when taken later during a pregnancy.

Benefits Of Taking Dong Quai

There are tons of benefits that you can receive from taking Don Quai and they will be listed below.

  • Estrogen levels- this magical herb can balance your estrogen levels. If they are too low, the herb can correct that, and if they are too high, the herb can balance them out.
  • Male fertility- studies have shown that the Ferulic acid found in Dong Quai can actually improve the quality of a man’s sperm. Ferulic acid is an antioxidant.
  • Female fertility- taking Dong Quai can also help with infertility in females as well.

As you can see, Dong Quai is a very powerful herb that can be used for many different things. Just make sure that you are using it correctly, if you do indeed choose to use it.

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