Does Vyvanse Expire – A Look At Vyvanse And Its Shelf Life

Does Vyvanse Expire – A Look At Vyvanse And Its Shelf Life

There is a good chance that you have probably heard about Vyvanse, but you might not know everything there is to need to know about it. Vyvanse is a prescription medication that is given to individuals, who suffer from ADHD, attention deficit disorder. The medication is typically only prescribed to individuals aged 6 or older.

This potent medication can also be given to adults to treat eating disorders. Keep in mind that the medication was not designed for weight loss. Now, that you know a little bit about this medication you might be wondering, “does Vyvanse expire?”. Below, you will learn more about this medication.

Does Vyvanse Expire?

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Every medication on the market has an expiration date for a reason. The medication can expire, but there is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic. It has been said that the medication can be safe to take even after the expiration date has passed. However, there is a chance that the medicine has lost some potency during the time it has been sitting in your shelf. The reason for this is because heat and moisture get into the medicine and eat away at its potency. This may not be true, if the medication is stored in a controlled environment.

Keep in mind that none of these theories have been tested and there could possibly be some risks or side effects associated with the consumption of expired medications. Suffice to say, it is always best to follow the directions on the side or back of the medication bottle.

Side Effects Of Vyvanse

While Vyvanse is safe as long as it is taken as prescribed, there are some risks of side effects. Some of these side effects might include anxiety, dry mouth, decreased appetite, nausea, weight loss, and even vomiting. Remember that consuming the medication after expiration will substantially increase your chance of experiencing these negative side effects!

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