Does Nyquil Expire – Examining The Question

Does Nyquil Expire – Examining The Question

When you begin to feel ill and discover that you’ve contracted a cold, you’ll immediately want to treat yourself with some type of over the counter medication. There are numerous OTC drugs, which can provide you with almost instant relief. This is especially true, when it comes to Nyquil. Of course, you shouldn’t consume the medication, until you’ve checked its label. Although Nyquil is available in pill form, most will opt for the liquid version. Unfortunately, both forms can expire. More details will be provided below.

Does Nyquil Expire?

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First and foremost, you should realize that Nyquil can expire. Each bottle of liquid Nyquil will come with its own expiration date. Before consuming the drug, you should always check this date and make sure that it has not expired! This date can usually be found on the back label or underneath the bottle.

Can I Take Expired Nyquil?

When you’re ill, you’ll find yourself in a state of desperation and will likely do anything to find relief. This will encourage many people to consume Nyquil, even if it has expired. Is this safe? No! Once the expiration date has passed, the manufacturer cannot guarantee its efficacy or safety. Although you may experience no negative side effects, the risks are truly not worth taking. Do yourself a favor and head out to your local pharmacy and purchase a new bottle.


All in all, attempting to consume expired Nyquil is a bad mistake, which could result in problems. Although you might feel desperate, consuming medications, which have expired, could worsen the situation. Always read the label, before consuming any medication, including Nyquil.

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  1. Mary May 12, 21:46 Reply
    I cannot find the expiration date on the bottle. Where would it be?
  2. Nick Wilson August 19, 04:39 Reply
    I've taken 39 month expired NyQuil Vicks caplets, it worked as it's supposed to, I can safely say that the expired caplets allowed me to sleep.

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