Does ginger ale have caffeine?

Does ginger ale have caffeine?

The question does ginger ale have caffeine can be answered with a plain No. This is one of the few Carbonated-water containing drink that almost anyone can consume without any sort of fear. There is no specific reason for which this dink could be considered as harmful to one’s health. Of course there are many flavors of this drink, like the carbonated drink as well as the Ginger beer. Though both of them are derived with the same basic ingredients, the latter has a cloudy appearance and contains stronger ginger content.

Basic Ingredients

The basic ingredients of Ginger-ale are made up of Carbonated-Water, Sugar and an artificial-kind of ginger-flavor. Though many of the commercial brands do make up the content with added spices and fruits and other elements, they are not explicitly displayed on the wrapper /bottled versions explicitly. When it gets naturally fermented, ginger ale may also contain certain amount of yeast in it.

Ginger-Ale usage

Ginger-Ale is normally sued in cases of constipation, dry and soar-throat, nausea and vomiting etc. Sometimes people also use it as a substitute for alcoholic-beverages, especially the Ginger-ale with beer flavor. Sometimes the dry ginger-ale is also mixed with a mint flavor, in order to give an extra taste to the mixture as a whole.

Can pregnant women drink Ginger-ale?

There has been a wide spread misconception that pregnant women get health issues by consuming ginger-ale. However, this is far from truth. They can consume the drink quite safely. Only factor is they have to take caution not to exceed, may be 200-300 ml of consumption per day.

Who should avoid Ginger-Ale?

People with high volume of Diabetes need to avoid the drink. However, there are options where Ginger-ale can be prepared without adding sugar to it. Otherwise any one can consume it. Of course you need to be careful while giving it to your children. Though there are various versions of the story, both in favor and against it you need to consider the Soda content. If your kid is still a toddler or younger, it is better to avoid it since it contains soda. If you have a child who is above 6-7 years, you could give about 2-3 ounces of it in case of severely upset stomach, nausea and other stomach-disorders.

If the consumer is having allergic problems with Ginger, sugar or any of its other ingredients, it would be wiser to consult the family physician before offering him the ginger-ale drink.


The ingredients are highly useful for restoring stomach-disorders and nausea conditions created due to unhealthy/excess food consumption. It is also useful for overcoming morning hangovers in many cases. If the drink is prepared in the right combination, it helps in relieving pain for ulcer patients also.

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