How to detox your brain of the aspartame

Aspartame detox is a process where the physical and mental craving of the substance is removed from the addict. Aspartame is usually a substance used as a substitute for sugar by the diabetic and other people who are advised to stay away from sugar or its byproducts. Besides, it is also present in Diet-soda, chewing-gums and other chocolates. It is not only consumed by diabetic affected people, but others also. What happens in the long run is, they get addicted to this substance physically as well as mentally.

This leads to many physical ailments and dangerous situations like:

  • Blindness
  • Head-ache, memory-loss, speech imbalance
  • Tremors
  • Insomnia and psychological-phobia
  • Skin allergies
  • Obesity and blood-pressure disorder and more

Staying away from sugar-free substances because that contain aspartame

The first step towards aspartame detox is to remove the physical craving. This can be achieved only when the person stays away from its consumption. In the beginning, it may be quite a tough task. The human body always seeks alternates to substitute for one craving, only to replace it with one more! Hence, you should be very careful while looking for alternate to aspartame. If you feel that your body is too much addicted to this substance, it is better to seek medical help.

Using caffeine based drinks like coffee without sugar and aspartame could be one of the effective methods for overcoming physical craving. The other method is to use acidic-fruits like orange; Lemon or even tamarind can remove the toxins to a large extent. The time for which this diet is to be followed is dependent on the nature and intensity of your addiction to aspartame. If you are not sure about it, the best way is to consult your physician for getting the best of solutions, which works practically for you.

Mental craving removal

This could be the toughest part as in cases of any other detox process. However, this be achieved if you are cool and calm in your approach. Most of the addicts are under the impression that once their physical craving is gone, they can go ahead and consume aspartame once again safely! This sort of thinking can send you right back to the same condition. Once you start enjoying life without it, you can always join online groups, which consist of people with similar problems. Over a period of time, this will naturally remove the craving from your mind also.

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