Definition and process of aerobic respiration – in brief!

Definition and process of aerobic respiration – in brief!

For every living being, it is very important to know how their entire body performs the various physiological tasks. The very basic formula to a living body performing all the physiological tasks like breathing, eating, moving the muscles and all the manual as well as voluntary tasks is by generating the energy to do so. And this energy, the body generates by itself and does not get from the outside. However, there are the raw materials needed that need to be supplied to the body upon which the chemical reactions take place and the energy is produced.

This entire process of generating energy inside the body is known as respiration. It is done in every living thing, inside the cells. There are two types of respiration : aerobic and anaerobic respiration. The aerobic respiration is the process in which the energy is released through a chemical reaction in the presence of air or oxygen and the anaerobic respiration is the process in which the energy is released without the presence of oxygen or air.

What is aerobic respiration?

To define aerobic respiration, it is very important that what exactly this entire process is, is understood clearly. Respiration is a metabolic process that occurs in every living body from the single cell bacteria to the multi-celled mammals. The process is used to break down the food that we eat, that is glucose and in this process, release the energy that is needed to do all the physiological tasks.

It can thus be defined that, aerobic respiration is the metabolic process in which glucose is broken down in the presence of oxygen, to produce energy and thus release carbon dioxide and water as by products.

The importance of aerobic respiration:

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Aerobic respiration is a very important and complex process without which it will be absolutely impossible for the living beings to do any task. In fact, when the body takes in the food through meals, it is necessary that it is broken down in order to convert it into necessary amount of energy.

When you define aerobic respiration in details, you will find that the entire process takes place through different steps and they are Glycolysis, Krebs cycle or Citric Acid Cycle and the release of energy. When the body takes the food, the carbohydrates among them are broken into smaller glucose units. In the Glycolysis process, it then releases its electro, which is later used to transform into ATP or energy units. In this process, the glucose breaks down into Pyruvate acid and NADH.

In the Krebs cycle, the Pyruvate acid molecules get converted into Acetyl CoA and also carbon dioxide is released. This carbon dioxide is exhaled out while breathing. This is the stage that leads to the release of the energy that is stored in the form of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate. This helps the body to use this energy whenever it is in need for it. Without the aerobic respiration, none of the living bodies would be able to do any task.

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