Guide For Dealing With Newborn Chapped Lips

Guide For Dealing With Newborn Chapped Lips

Mothers are overly protective of their babies and want them to thrive! When a potential problem arises, your motherly instincts will kick in and you’ll do everything possible to rectify the problem. One of the most common problems that a mother will face is chapped lips. For an adult, this problem is easily fixable, since you can use over-the-counter ChapStick or lip balm to fix the problem. Does this also ring true for babies and newborns? Below, you will find out!

Lanolin For Newborn Chapped Lips

A newborn baby is precious and more fragile than an adult. This is why it is imperative to move ahead with caution. Instead of utilizing a product, which is formulated for an adult, you should stick with something safer and less harmful. This is why Lanolin is recommended for this particular purpose. This is a natural wax, which helps to protect the sheep’s wool and skin from the climate. This particular ointment will also help heal your baby’s chapped lips! It’ll encourage healing and will help to add moisture to the lips.

Using a little bit of Vaseline on the baby’s lips, before they go to sleep, can also help.

A Tip For Easy Application

If you’re having a difficult time applying the chemical to your child’s lips, you should take a different approach to the matter. Applying a bit of the Lanolin to your child’s pacifier can help. This will trick your child into applying the mixture to his or her own lips. If you’re dealing with an older child, this will prevent them from biting your finger too.


The good news is that chapped lips aren’t a major problem. There are many ways to fix the problem and you should definitely consider using Lanolin! This chemical is completely safe and entirely effective. Once it has been applied, your newborn’s lips will be back to normal, before you know it!

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