The Dangers Of Smoking Suboxone

The Dangers Of Smoking Suboxone

If you have been prescribed Suboxone therapy to treat your heroin addiction, you will need to be a responsible adult throughout this regimented treatment. In order to combat your addiction, you will need to stay strong and have faith that you can beat your addiction. Of course, it is never that easy, which is why you should consider joining public support groups, so you will be around others that are in the same position as you.

Recovery Strategy

It is important to develop a recovery stratagem that is suitable for your needs. Every stratagem will be different for each individual, because some addicts may have been using illegal drugs for a much longer period of time, whereas others have not. In order to combat a long-term addiction, you will need to enter a detox rehabilitation center. You will need to be around trained professionals that are capable of handling elements of the treatment plan.

Upon Discharge

By the time you are ready to be discharged from the rehabilitation center, you will have most likely reached your maximum maintenance dose schedule. It is important that you never alter your dosage, because it can lead to overdose and potentially respiratory suppression.

Many recovering addicts will find it difficult to maintain their sobriety and end up misusing their Suboxone medications. They will crush the tablet, place it on a piece of tin foil, and then use a lighter to heat the drug. This allows them to smoke the drug, so they can achieve a “high” euphoria. This is very risky behavior that you should not take part in, so stick with your maintenance dose.

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