Examining The Dangers Of Injecting Oxycodone

Examining The Dangers Of Injecting Oxycodone

There are many individuals in the country that are prescribed Oxycodone. This medication is frequently utilized for pain sufferers and is capable of alleviating their pain to some degree. Of course, it is not without its flaws. Although it is fairly safe, the medication can be dangerous, if it is used improperly or against your doctor’s orders. Below, you’ll learn about the dangers of injecting oxycodone.

Dangers Of Injecting

Injecting a drug, especially Oxycodone, increases the risks and dangers of the medication. When compared to taking a pill by mouth, injecting it ensures that you receive the impact much quicker. This means that the risks actually bypass your body’s natural protective measures and enters your bloodstream immediately. At the same time, putting a needle in your vein can be extremely dangerous and could result in the contraction of sexually transmitted disease and other ailments! Finally, injecting a drug increases your risk of facing an overdose!

Side Effects Of Shooting Oxycodone

It should be known that the side effects of shooting Oxycodone are nearly universal, when compared to the side effects of consuming the drug through other means. Below, you will find a list of these complications for your convenience.

  • Intensely low blood pressure
  • Heart failure
  • Even death
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

Shooting oxycodone is incredibly dangerous and should be avoided, at all costs!


When it comes down to it, Oxycodone is a fairly safe medication, when it is used, as recommended. However, if you opt to inject the drug, you are putting yourself at a major risk! You should never do it, as the risks aren’t worth it!

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