Understanding The Cold Water Extraction Hydrocodone Process

Understanding The Cold Water Extraction Hydrocodone Process

There is a massive group of people all around the country that are hooked on Hydrocodone. This medication can be extremely helpful for alleviating the user’s pain and suffering. Unfortunately, it is not without flaws. The medication is sometimes combined with acetaminophen to provide the user with more effective results. Within this guide, you will learn all about the mixture and the cold water extraction hydrocodone process.

What Is Hydrocodone and APAP?

Hydrocodone is often mixed together with acetaminophen and the combination is used to combat severe pain. This concoction is frequently referred to as Hydrocodone/APAP and is now classified as a narcotic and a controlled substance. Some individuals believe that the APAP results in terrible stomachaches and pains. This will lead them to try and remove the chemical from the medication.

About Cold Water Extraction

There is a process, which is referred to as cold water extraction. It is frequently utilized to remove the APAP from the Hydrocodone. Although it can be helpful for removing this chemical, it is vital to remember that it is not necessarily safe. If you use the Hydrocodone alone, it’ll hit you quicker and harder. This makes it somewhat more dangerous. Also, failing to master this process can result in a loss of the medication. Therefore, it is not recommended.


While it is true that the extraction process is capable of removing the drug’s APAP content, it is still not recommended. Not only could this lead to loss of the medication, but also, it could result in health risks.

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