Cleaning the Cardio-Vascular- system through 3 day cardiac diet to achieve weight loss

Cleaning the Cardio-Vascular- system through 3 day cardiac diet to achieve weight loss

The 3 day cardiac diet is one of the best ways to weight reduction program. This simple method could be adopted by anyone who is interested in maintaining a perfect health balance also. If you are serious about it, the best option is to follow the guidelines strictly! Check your weight before you start off.

Day 1

Vegetarian Breakfast

  • Start your day with ½ 1 liter of pure water! Take a 30 minute break, complete your wash room activities and come back. Drink 1 cup of pure Pomegranate smoothie. Now you have ensured belly cleaning and body detox!
  • Prepare a Salad with steamed Broccoli, raw cucumber slices and raw tomato slices. Garnish with sliced garlic cloves, raw onion slices and pepper powder. Your breakfast recipe is complete now!

Vegetarian Lunch

  • 1 cup of almond milk shake garnished with sliced banana pieces will be your starter for lunch.
  • Go for rolled whole grain bread, stuffed with raw tomato and sliced straw berries. Two three rolls would be sufficient to complete your lunch.

Vegetarian Supper

  • 1 cup of sarsaparilla extract juice, preferably with lemon juice and zero calorie content diet soda.
  • Raw vegetable soup with sliced made of beet, carrot and garnished with lemon concentrate. Add salt to taste.

Day 2

Vegetarian breakfast

  • Start with 1 litre of pure water. Take a break of 30 minutes. Complete your wash room activities and come back relaxed!
  • 1 cup –f beet smoothie garnished with pomegranate will surely energize your body and increase your appetite.
    Cook One cup of rice with ½ tea spoon coconut oil, pepper powder and min leaves. Add salt to taste. This is highly efficient in burning fat Kilo Joules of fat and giving useful energy also.

Vegetarian Lunch

  • 1 cup of pure avocado fruit juice for burning cholesterol.
  • Oat meal with mushrooms and onion is most ideal for 2nd day’s lunch

Vegetarian Supper

  • Cucumber smoothie with Lemonade. You can use honey instead of sugar for sweetening. If you are allergic to sweets, you can add a pinch of salt instead.
  • Whole wheat pan bread with zero oil content. Garnish with onion slices, tomato slices and cucumber slices and pepper powder. Don’t forget to add salt to the bread while preparing.

Day 3

Mixed Breakfast
By now your tasty buds will be longing to have something spicy! Start your day with 2 cups of pure water. Take a break of 30 minutes. Complete your wash room activities and come back relaxed!

  • 1 cup of papaya smoothie will be your day’s starter.
  • Tuna fish, broccoli and mint leaves sandwich for breakfast.

Veggie Meal for Lunch

  • 1 cup of mango smoothie to start your lunch!
  • 1 Lemon + ¼ cup coriander leaves + 2 Green chilly+ ½ teaspoon sliced ginger. Fry them in 2 tea spoons of olive oil and mix with 1 cup of boiled white rice. Add salt to taste.

Delicious supper

  • Pure lemonade with salt for starter.
  • Salmon fish salad garnished with cucumber slices, onion slices, tomato slices and lemon pieces. Spice it with ginger garlic and pepper powder. Add salt to taste.

Once you are through with your 3 day program, you may feel like you have been famished! If you really feel that way, it is good for you. Now check your weight once again. I am sure you would have lost at least visible amount of weight by now. The next step starts with your exercises program. Search for fitness equipments online now! Make it a point to stay away from junk food for at least 3 months.

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