Detox your body and mind in nature’s way with coconut oil

Detox your body and mind in nature’s way with coconut oil

What is coconut oil ?

It is a process by which you are removing all the toxic elements that have accumulated in your body and brain. It also helps in bringing your body back to its normal temperature. Besides, it strengthens your muscles and nerves. All these positive effects can be experienced, once you start using the coconut oil every day. The changes may take time, depending on the nature of your body and the environment in which you are living. So, have patience and continue to use it even if you don’t find any observable changes in the initial stages. With time, you will naturally start experiencing the effects slowly but surely.

How to get detox by coconut oil?

One of the best ways to start off is to apply the oil to your head and scalp region. The other way is to get your complete body massaged with this oil. These are the external applications. There is another way in which you could get the process of detox through internal consumption. Of course, you will not be able to consume the oil directly like you drink your smoothies! Rather, you can do it by using coconut oil for your food preparation. This will ensure that your body gets internally cleaned also.

What is the procedure?

You can directly buy natural coconut oil from the online shops. It seems to be the best way of getting it. Of course, there is another way of extracting it from the dry coconut also. But the process is quite complex and you may end up only getting coconut milk instead of oil, if you choose to do it at home.

What are the health benefits?

  • It contains Lauric-acid. When you consume it, it gets converted into Mono-Laurin within your body. Its powerful anti-viral nature is sufficient to kill all the anti-body viral-elements forever.
  • Coconut-oil also helps in burning the unhealthy-fat from your body-muscles. This burnt fat gets converted into energy naturally.
  • Coconut oil is also an effective anti-thyroid-agent. When consumed in regular intervals, it controls thyroid from excess growth.
  • When coconut oil is used for massaging your body, it cleans your skin completely, by removing all the dirt and other pollutants. In fact, it can penetrate through all the layers of your skin and take out the heat also. This makes your body shed heat and maintain its natural temperature levels consistently.
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