Causes & Symptoms of Throat Infection

Causes & Symptoms of Throat Infection

Sore throat is a pain or itchiness in the throat. You might be having difficulty in swallowing liquids and food. The pain might worsen when you try to swallow any food. Throat infection is also called as sore throat. The primary symptom of sore throat is throat pain. Listed below are some symptoms of throat infection:

  • Dry throat
  •  Hoarseness
  •  White patches on tonsils

Swollen glands
Throat infections can affect individuals of any age. The chances of getting infected are higher in smokers and individuals whose immune system is weak. Children are also at a greater risk of being affected by throat infections. Individuals who suffer from certain allergies also get affected by these infections easily. An individual living in close proximity with a patient of throat infection has increased chances of suffering from the same disease.

Causes of throat infections
There are several causes of a throat infection.
Bacterial Infection
Bacteria can cause infections. Listed below are the infections which are included in this type:

  • Strep throat: It is an inflammation caused in the throat due to the Streptococcal bacteria
  • Whooping cough: It is a disease caused by the respiratory mucous membrane
  • Diphtheria: It is an infectious ailment and results in throat inflammation

Viral Infection

A majority of throat infections are triggered by viruses. Infections caused by a virus, are the cold and flu.

Other types of viral throat infections include:

  • Croup: It is a throat infection that occurs in the larynx
  • Mononucleosis: It is an infectious disease that is typically transmitted through saliva
  • Chickenpox: It is an infection that causes sores on skin
  • Measles: It is a contagious illnesses and can be recognized by its distinctive rash and fever

Environmental Factors

Virus and bacteria are not the only reason for throat infections. There are numerous causes of throat pain and infection. If you are allergic to pet dander, mold or pollen, your allergies can be triggered when you are exposed to these allergens.  It can also trigger post-nasal drip. When excess mucus accumulates in the back of your throat you suffer. This accumulation causes irritation to your throat along with pain or inflammation. Dry air can make your throat feel scratchy. When you are smoking cigarettes or are exposed to cigarette smoke, it can trigger sore throats and throat strained from talking too much.

 Other Causes

A throat infection may be a sign of throat cancer in some rare cases.

Most throat infections do not require medical attention. Although, if your throat infection lasts for longer than a week or you recognize some other symptoms that are listed below, contact a doctor:

  • an earache
  • difficulty in swallowing
  • difficulty in breathing
  • bloody mucus
  • joint pain
  • hoarse throat for more than two weeks

A doctor can determine the cause only when he/she clearly observes your symptoms of throat infection. Your doctor might perform a physical examination to examine your throat with a lighted instrument used by doctors.

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