Can You Smoke Tramadol – Exploring The Dangers

Can You Smoke Tramadol – Exploring The Dangers

If you suffer from pain, there is a possibility that your medical professional will prescribe you with Tramadol. This medication is fairly effective and typically very safe, when used it as recommended, by your medical professional. Of course, some drug abusers will attempt to take things to the next level, by consuming the medication in a way that is not recommended. This is incredibly dangerous and should be avoided, at all costs. Below, you will learn all about smoking Tramadol.

A Gateway

One of the most dangerous aspects of Tramadol is the fact that using this medication in any way could very well open up the doorway to other drugs. Abusing Tramadol could very well lead you down a bad path, which can expose you to much more dangerous and harmful drugs, such as OxyContin, Heroin or Cocaine. With this in mind, you shouldn’t take that leap of faith, as it will most likely have a negative result in the end.

Can you Smoke Tramadol

It is important to note that tramadol is dispensed in an extended release form, which means the medication will gradually be released into the bloodstream. If you break or crush the pill, it alters the extended release effect, which can be very dangerous to your health.

Many drug users will smoke tramadol, instead of taking it orally, so they can get a much quicker euphoric sensation. By altering the dispensed form, you are increasing your risks of physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Some dangerous adverse reactions that may be exhibited when smoking tramadol include hallucination, delirium, convulsions, coma, and death.

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