Can you die from scoliosis : Myths Vs facts

Can you die from scoliosis : Myths Vs facts

If you were to ask the question can you die from scoliosis and expect a prompt answer, it is “No” and “yes”. The first answer is no because scoliosis alone can not kill a patient, while the answer “yes” is because when it becomes severe, it can lead to other complications, which could result in death. However, it is not like a sudden death situation. According to a study conducted at the major American cities from 2007 till today, scoliosis related deaths were about 1.7 – 1.8 for every 1000 case. You will be able to judge the answer to the question can scoliosis kill you, based on these facts alone.

Scoliosis intensity becomes severe, only when it is left untreated for a long time. Even in such cases, the diagnosis will reveal the intensity clearly. Kyphosis and Cobb angle scoliosis are said to be the most complex ones observed in the medical history so far.

There are various methods of cure available for this problem today. If it is in the initial stages, patients are given braces. Wearing them over a longer period can result in spinal corrections. The next available option is Therapy. One of the most prominent therapy methods is said to be the Schroth method. Body work method, massage type therapy, mobilization type therapy and manipulation type therapy are the other notable therapy types.

The last and least advised method is the surgical method. This is said to be the final resort when the spinal deformity has gone beyond the control of Bracing and/or Therapeutic methods. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of using this method.


  • It works where the other methods have relatively failed.
  • The structural changes brought about are swift and permanent in nature.


  • Involved risks including permanent damage, numbness and other side effects are more.
  • Involves physical changes to the spinal cord structure, increasing the chances of affecting the
  • functionality of other body parts more.
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