The Best Food for Hangover

The Best Food for Hangover

A hangover is a combination of symptoms that are experienced only after major bouts of alcohol consumption. The medical term for a hangover is veisalgia. Symptoms such as headache, drowsiness, thirst, confusion and dizziness can all be attributed to consuming an extremely high volume of alcohol. If one drinks large amounts of alcohol in the night, the next morning he/she is bound to have a hangover, which includes all the aforementioned symptoms. Apart from the physical symptoms mentioned above most individuals suffer from mental and emotional symptoms as well. These symptoms include shame, anxiety, depression, embarrassment and regret. All these symptoms begin to show only after the phase of intoxication subsides. As long as individuals are inebriated they do not feel the symptoms related to hangovers.

The amount of alcohol consumed decides the severity of one’s hangover. If only a small amount of alcohol was consumed there may be no signs of a hangover. This is exactly why it is highly recommended that individuals consume alcohol in moderation. It is the best way to prevent the onset of hangovers. Several food items can be used to curb the symptoms of hangovers however; the best food for hangover is asparagus.

Why eat asparagus

Asparagus is considered the best food for hangover by numerous individuals around the world. The reasons why it is has been deemed the best have all been listed below:

In a 2009 research conducted in Korea, researchers found that asparagus boosts the production of enzymes that help in breaking down alcohol. Both leaves and shoots of asparagus are said to be equally potent. Even heavy drinkers benefit greatly after consuming a few shoots of this amazing vegetable. In this study it was discovered that eating asparagus before and while consuming alcohol can reduce, and in some cases prevent the chances of suffering from a hangover in the morning. In fact, this vegetable is powerful enough to curb the symptoms of a hangover after they begin to show. Hence, it is highly recommended that one eat asparagus before, while and after consuming alcohol. In case of its unavailability or if you do not prefer eating it you can try other food items that also work wonders.

Food for hangovers

Other highly potent food items that one can consume to combat the effects of a hangover are listed below:

  • Prickly Pear: This fruit packs anti inflammatory agents that can combat the damaging properties of alcohol consumption. Studies have revealed that eating this fruit at least 5 hours prior to consumption of alcohol lessens the effect of suffering from a hangover by a minimum of 50 percent. This fruit is generally eaten raw. However, one can make tea using it or consume capsules.
  • Coconut Water: Fresh coconut water is rich in electrolyte boosting agents and can help balance the body’s chemistry. Hence, coconut water comes in handy when one was not prepared to drink or suffer from a severely nasty hangover. Several brands now sell fresh, pure and premium coconut water or coconut water powder.
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