Getting the rich benefits of health through goji berries nutrition

Getting the rich benefits of health through goji berries nutrition

What are goji-berries?

The moment you read about goji berries nutrition, the first question that probably rises in your mind is what are goji-berries? They are the consumable forms of berries, which are largely grown in parts of China and other parts of Asia. In the scientific-name they are called as Lycium-barbarum-berries. The species is one of the members belonging to Solanaceae-family. It is also called as Wolf-berry. In the Indian-context it is called as Himalayan-goji as well as Murali-berry. In the western-world it is also called as the Matrimony-vine-berry.

What are the typical characteristics?

The plant height varies from 1meter to 3-meters. The leaves grow from the shoot-section in alternate-pattern. In some of the plants you may also observe them as bundles containing 3-4 leaves each. They are either in the shape of spear-heads or oval. Their ends are either blunt-type in or rounded.

What are the pollination methods?

There are primarily two types of pollination associated with them. Self-pollination is one such method. The other one is done by the insects. The plant produces purple-colored flowers in the season starting from June, extending up to late September or early October, during which they also mature into berries.

What are the berries-characteristics?

They are usually dark-red in color, slightly mixed with orange-shade. They contain yellow-colored seeds, which are very small.

What are the benefits of Himalayan-goji-Berries?

  • The goji berries nutrition facts say that they are extremely rich in Vitamin-A (50%) and Vitamin-C (9%) compounds. They contain 0%-fat and cholesterol-contents, which mean, you will be able to consume them without the fear of gaining weight. In fact they help in reducing weight.
  • They contain Iron (14%) as another major ingredient.
  • Potassium, Zinc and copper are the other ingredients apart from selenium-compound.
  • It is made of 9%-fiber. Though it may not seem to be high%, when consumed in the form of crushed-smoothies, they help in relieving the stomach-congestion to a certain extent.
  • If you are planning to go for a diet which is good enough in its protein-content, this fruit can be considered as one of the options since it contains about 10% of them.
  • It has been found to reduce the joint-pains resulting from arthritis-problem. Though this has not been medically-proved yet, most of the consumers have expressed their experience.
  • They are very tasty in nature despite being dietary-natured. That means they make your dieting-program interesting and delicious.
  • Children who are diagnosed to be over-weight will certainly enjoy eating these berries. Though direct links with weight-loss have not been established, they are known to induce the fat-reducing process in children and adults (through the results obtained from various experiments conducted on children in the age-group of 5-12).
  • Regular consumption of the berries is known to bring the blood-pressure down. It could be highly useful for those patients who are suffering from higher-Blood-pressure-levels. However, the quantity of consumption will have to be determined from the physician before they can start consuming these berries.

What are the probable side-effects?

  • People with diabetic-condition may find this berry to their disadvantage as most of the proteins of this berry are derived from the sugar-base!
  • Experience has shown that it may not be suitable for those people who are under medications for diabetes-related/low-blood-pressure-related illnesses. This is because of its sugar-content as well as blood-pressure-reducing-properties.


The zero-cholesterol and zero-fat content will certainly “gel” with those who have excess of both. Besides, it contains 50%-Vitamin-A; people suffering from vision-problems will find these berries to be quite helpful in nature. It also serves as a good-meal-supplement for expecting-mothers, children and elders.

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