Why You Should Avoid Mixing Xanax And Wine

Why You Should Avoid Mixing Xanax And Wine

Many individuals enjoy an evening glass of wine, while they are currently taking prescription Xanax. There are many drug interactions with alcoholic beverages, which is why you should avoid alcohol consumption altogether, when taking prescription drugs.

Increased Drowsiness

One of the side effects of Xanax is drowsiness, but when taken with wine the drowsiness will increase dramatically, because wine also causes drowsiness. It will also increase the risk of accidents occurring, while under the influence of Xanax and wine.

You should avoid ethanol consumption, when taking any type of drug that alters the central nervous system. Alprazolam definitely increases the neurotransmitter or brain chemicals, which will alter the thinking process. While it is already risky to operate a vehicle, when taking Xanax, wine consumption will surely increase these risks.

Altered Thinking Process

Xanax along will impair your judgment and thinking process. It is crucial that you never partake in any type of financial or business deal, when under the influence of this benzodiazepine. Of course, if you follow the medication instructions to a tee, you will find that the side effects are more tolerable.

Speak with your psychiatrist or primary care physician, prior to combining wine and Xanax. It this case, it is better to be safe than sorry.

David Warren
David Warren

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David Warren

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  1. Anonymous January 29, 19:49 Reply
    One of my friends said that take Xanax with alcohol can cause any medical related problems in the system. But it never felt or caused by any symptoms yet. I had a habit of taking Xanax for my anxiety disorder with alcohol beverages. But I feel fine till now.
  2. Anonymous January 11, 08:49 Reply
    I had a personal experience of taking Xanax medication with two glass of wine. It has been okay for me and never caused any problems on my health. I usually followed this for one year before bed. When I took this drug, it seems to work well for me.
  3. Anonymous January 11, 08:49 Reply
    I have taken Xanax a maximum dose of 1 mg daily, but I divided the dose of 0.25 mg in early afternoon, 0.25 mg in the evening and another 0.25 mg before going to bed. It seems to work better for my conditions like insomnia and stress. This drug greatly helps to recover and makes me feel good. After I got recovered, I asked my doctor to drink alcohol. He said that it would be fine, but warn me to drink not too much. Of course, I didn’t face any problem yet because I never cross my limit in taking drinks. My only advice to everyone is to be careful whatever you do!
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