Average Dose: Xanax For Sleep Disorders

Average Dose: Xanax For Sleep Disorders

Do you suffer from severe insomnia and tried every sedative available to you, with no relief? Well, you are not alone, which is why many insomniacs are turning to Xanax, as a form of sleep aid. Below you will discover some data about the effects of Xanax and the dosage recommendations to help your insomnia.

Prescribed Dosage

Your psychiatric will prescribe a Xanax dosage that will suit your needs. You must remember that this drug is habit-forming, so you should never alter the dose, without the advice of your physician. Do not share your medication with others, because it is very addictive and misuse can increase your or other’s risk of overdose

All Xanax medications are mostly dispensed in an extended-release tablet form, which should not be crushed, broken, or chewed, since this could potentially interfere with the slow-release process.

Your physician will monitor your use of this benzodiazepine and if he feels it necessary to increase the dosage, he will do it slowly over a period of time. Always follow the professional’s instructions to a tee, because this can reduce the risk of addiction and side effects.

Never suddenly stop taking Xanax, because the withdrawal symptoms are life threatening. Convulsions may occur, if you have been taking this drug over an extended period of time.

Knowing The Side Effects
When taking the time to consider using Xanax for sleep aid, you might want to explore the various side effects of the drug. Although it is not 100% positive that you will experience these effects, it is possible that you may. Therefore, you should know these, so you know what to expect.

  • Forgetfulness
  • Slurred speech
  • Depression and sadness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Loss of pleasure and interest
  • Loss of coordination
  • Hangover
  • Increased clumsiness
  • Unsteadiness on your feet
  • Drowsiness

These specific side effects are not necessarily dangerous, but they can be, if you use Xanax, when driving or operating machinery! When using this medication, it is vital to do so, with caution!

Why Use Xanax For Sleep

Although there are some potential side effects and precautions to note, Xanax is still a fairly effective sleep aid, which can help to combat insomnia. This is the case, because Xanax’s active ingredient is alprazolam, which is very effective for treating stress and anxiety. If you lay in bed worrying throughout the night, this medication can help calm your nerves and allow you to fall asleep much easier.

Overall, the majority of users, who use the drug for insomnia, agree that it is moderately effective. In fact, a high percentage of users suggest that the drug has been highly sufficient for their particular needs! If you have difficulty sleeping or calming your nerves, this is definitely the drug for you! You can also try a lighter medication as nightquil.


At the end of the day, Xanax is a fairly safe medication, which can help to fight anxiety and insomnia. As long as you know the risks and side effects, you will be able to use the medication, without much a problem. With the information above, you will be able to do just that! Be sure to consider the side effects, before consuming Xanax.

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