What is alkaline water, are you interested by the health?

When you ask the question what is alkaline water, the reply is that the ph value of it is above 7 in the measuring scale. Normal tap water that you get to consume is neutral in nature. Hence its ph value is 7. There have been various experiments conducted on the health benefits of alkaline water for humans. There are cases where this water is known to reduce the amount of acidity in the stomach. There have been equal numbers of counter claims that the human body has a unique acidity balancing mechanism built in the kidneys and lungs systems that naturally take out the acidity content. Now let us consider a live case where the theory of benefits has been proved right.

Health Benefits

This is the case of a particular gentleman named G, who has the peculiar habit of consuming too many spices with his food. Every time he goes to have his meal, he usually gets himself loaded with those spicy flavors. This in turn produced lot of stomach disorders with time. He tried consuming soda, but the taste somehow made him detest it. Then someone suggested that he try Alkaline water for sometime and stay away from spicy food equally. He followed the suggestion seriously and soon his problem got solved.

Reasons in support

The alkaline water is known to mix with blood stream very easily, just like the normal tap water. However, once it gets mixed with blood stream its alkaline nature acts on all types of acid in the blood and neutralizes their net effect. This is a simple medical concept which any book can tell you. Apart from this, there is yet another fact that it can help the body in absorbing nutrient ingredients, vitamins and other minerals very easily.

Who can drink alkaline water?

Literally speaking, there is no age restriction on the consumption of alkaline water. Right from baby hood to senior most persons in your family can consume it. However, it is known to give some additional benefits to those who are physically weak, recovering from illness or post surgery issues. Of course, they need to be substituted with highly nutritious food also. The fact is, the alkaline water helps in digesting all the nutrient contents and makes their blood absorb those contents quite easily.

Where to get alkaline water

If you have the time and patience to prepare it, you can easily do it at home also. Otherwise there are many commercial versions available in the market. If there are no selling outlets near your home, you can also order them online. There are many dedicated websites/portals which sell alkaline water at highly cost effective prices.

How to prepare alkaline water

Basically there are three types in which you could prepare alkaline water right at the comfort of your home.

  • By adding Lemon concentrate. (One normal size pitcher of water requires 1/8th of a normal size lemon)
  • By adding Ph drops(Instructions will be clearly specified on the bottle)
  • By adding baking soda.(1/4th of quantity to 2 pitchers of normal size)

Before you try any of the above methods, it is better that you measure the existing ph value of the water. You can do so with the help of a ph strip and value chart. Just dip the strip in the water for a few minutes and note its color. If it is in the range 8/9 which is also the recommended level, the color of the strip will match with the value in the chart. If the water is already in that range then there is not need to make it further alkaline. If the value is measured anywhere less than that, then you can alkalize it. Just follow any of the above specified methods.

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