Everything You Need To Know To Formulate An Alkaline Diet

Are you the type of individual, who likes to follow the latest health trends? Join the crowd. Every so often, consumers are provided with information regarding a holistic treatment or a natural remedy and it’ll quickly grow into a nationwide treatment. The latest is the alkaline diet. More and more people have begun to experience the enormous benefits of such a diet for themselves and several scientific studies have backed up their claims. With an alkaline diet, it is possible to increase your overall health, while combating free radicals and flushing harmful chemicals from the body. Within this guide, you’ll learn all about the most beneficial alkaline foods and their benefits.

The Risks Of A Modern American Diet

The modern American diet is crammed full of dangerous acids and chemicals, which can lead to life-threatening ailments, such as diabetes. Processed sugars, excessive levels of salt, and artificial sweeteners can all be very bad! If you consume fast foods or processed foods, you’re likely consuming a lot of these chemicals daily and it’ll eventually backfire terribly. Due to this trend, more Americans than ever before have been diagnosed with degenerative illnesses, which have no conventional cure. Although a complete lifestyle change is necessary to completely negate these risks, you should also consider making the switch to an alkaline diet.

Doing so will help you improve your health, avoid these negative chemicals, and flush those dangerous free radicals out of your body. Leafy greens, garlics, capsicum and an array of other foods are alkalized and can deliver the healing properties that you need. Some of the most beneficial alkaline foods will be explored in greater depth below.


Garlic has always been considered to be beneficial for various health reasons. Not only can it help detour vampires, but garlic can also help you avoid debilitating illnesses. This miracle food is commonly associated with good health and this is truly no coincidence. Garlic is capable of promoting cardiovascular health, while also boosting your body’s immunity. Garlic can decrease blood pressure, cleanse the liver and help you avoid devastating diseases. Although garlic has an acquired taste and will take some getting used to, putting in the effort will pay off dividends in the end.


The mass majority of diets will force you to steer clear of coffee. However, if you’re going to be sticking with an alkaline diet, you’ll be able to consume as much coffee as you desire! Coffee is strongly alkaline, so it can provide you with an assortment of benefits. Coffee can substantially boost your energy levels, while also making you a little bit wiser. This is the case, because coffee contains a substantial amount of caffeine. This stimulant can pump you up and get your brain working in overtime. And, consuming coffee regularly could very well help you lose weight. Various studies have proven that coffee can boost the metabolism and help the consumer burn more calories easier (1).

Despite the negative side effects associated with coffee, it can be good for some specific purposes.


It is no secret that drinking alcohol regularly can be very damaging to your body. Not only can it negatively impact your health, but alcohol can lead to legal problems as well. Of course, this doesn’t mean that alcohol is entirely negative. In fact, some types of alcohol are very alkaline. By drinking alcohol in moderation, you can receive an array of benefits. Alcohol is capable of decreasing the consumer’s risk of cardiovascular disease, while also extending your longevity.

Another good reason for consuming alcohol is that it can increase your libido. And finally, alcohol is surprisingly effective for repealing the common cold. Just remember to drink moderately and you’ll be just fine!

Dehydrated Bananas

Bananas are incredibly delicious. They’re also beneficial in various ways. In terms of pH levels, bananas are actually alkaline. Bananas contains a large quantity of tryptophan. This specific chemical will transform into serotonin inside of your body. And, the serotonin is capable of boosting your mood. So, bananas are a good mood booster and can help you conquer depression. Bananas are also capable of helping you boost your energy levels and stabilize your blood sugar. This combination is one of the very reasons many fitness experts recommend consuming two bananas, before a difficult workout.

Another good reason for eating bananas before you exercise is the fact that this food can help you avoid cramps. And finally, bananas can help diminish inflammation.


Herbs can be a good way to balance your body’s pH levels. Sprinkling a few herbs on your foods is simple and very easy. Plus, many herbs can make your meals taste much more delicious. Parsley is a good option for those that want to incorporate an alkaline diet into their lives. The advantages associated with parsley are enormous and diverse. First and foremost, parsley has proven time and again to be effective for combating cancer. Plus, it is crammed full of antioxidants, so it can help you avoid contracting dangerous diseases.

And, parsley can help reduce inflammation, while also boosting your immune system. Finally, this herb is capable of promoting the conversion of homocysteine into harmless components. This helps to fight off the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Suffice to say, adding a good quantity of parsley to your diet is highly recommended.


Spinach has always been a symbol of good health and is commonly hailed for its vitamin and nutrient content. The food is also alkalized. First, it is overflowing with antioxidant, so you won’t have to worry about those nasty free radicals. Spinach is also a great source of vitamin A, K, magnesium, iron, and calcium. If you want to remain healthy and live for a longer period of time, you’ll definitely want to add a little extra spinach to your diet.


Lemons have been utilized for many decades to flavor food and decrease the risks of rhinitis or the common cold. Well, did you know that lemons contain a high content of alkaline? By adding a couple of slices to your drinking water and letting it set in room temperature for 6-12 hours, you can create an alkaline beverage that tastes delicious. Do not toss the rind, because it is filled with lots of nutrients, vitamins, and alkaline.

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne pepper may not be one of your favorite spices, but if you knew its many benefits, you may be more than willing to sprinkle a little on your food. Cayenne peppers contain an abundance of alkaloid compounds known as capsaicin and capsanthin. These compounds are capable of decreasing the gastric acidity level (2).

Turnip Greens

Turnip greens are not the best tasting vegetable on the market, but its alkaline content is much higher than other vegetables. If you want to receive the maximum benefits of the turnip greens, you should consider eating them raw. This vegetable does have a tangy, but slightly sweet flavor and will make the perfect addition to any salad.


Root vegetables such as radishes make the perfect snack, but did you know that they loaded with vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Radishes are classified as an alkaline enriched food, which means that it can enhance all of your body functions and decrease your risks of developing cancer.



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