Knowhow for your after abortion lifestyle

Knowhow for your after abortion lifestyle

Abortion is a very difficult decision for every woman. No matter under what circumstances she is deliberated to take such decisions, it is never a happy feeling. Sometimes, it may be give you a sense of relief in case of unwanted pregnancy, but in most of the time, a sense of emotional loss, sadness, guilt and anger overpowers you. Whatever the feeling may be, or even if you do not have any feeling at all, you must take care of yourself after you have gone through the abortion procedure.

What to expect after having an abortion?

When you terminate a pregnancy, there are quite some difficulties that your body might encounter. Not all of them are severe or something so difficult as to seek medical attention, but you may have to take special care of yourself. The most prominent feature after abortion that almost every women experiences is heavy bleeding and cramps and pains in the lower abdomen. In most cases the pain and the cramps are similar to that when you have your periods, but in some cases, the pain may increase.

In such a condition, using a hot water bottle or bag may decrease the pain. The bleeding may continue for two to three weeks after the abortion has been complete. The bleeding may include blood clots which will be excreting the pregnancy tissue along with it and the colour may seem brownish. But there is nothing to be terrified when this happens as slowly this will come to an end and you will be feeling the pain going away naturally as the body adjusts with the hormone levels.

What not to do?

After abortion, the body goes through some sudden changes and hence, it is necessary that you avoid some of your daily and regular activities. Depending on the physical strength and stamina, many women can afford to go back to their regular routine. But avoiding physical exercise, aerobics and lifting heavy utensils is recommended. But this is absolutely dependent on what you feel and what your body permits. If you feel that your body can take pressure, you can go ahead.

But as the vagina or the cervix tends to be infected quite often, it is very much advised that you avoid vaginal sex. Jacuzzi and bathing in the swimming pools or even washing the vagina with fluids and douche is also suggested to be avoided. When you start having sex again, it is better to use condom to prevent any kind of infection.

Be careful with your diet:
The body goes through excessive loss and when you go through an abortion, therefore, you must recover the loss by having a healthy diet. Make sure you include fish and shellfish and other kinds of meats along with beans and high protein diets in your regular food chart. It is also advised that you support your food with Vitamin D as the body requires calcium absorption to heal the loss and damage after you are done with terminating your pregnancy.

The Team

The Team

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