How Does an Abortion Work? [FACTS]

Before you go for an abortion it is necessary to understand how does an abortion work?

This is a very serious decision which has to be taken very attentively.

With the advancement in medical science, it has become an easy and safe method.

When you are going to a doctor for an abortion thorough examination is done of your medical history.

There are various tests that have to be performed. Blood test to find out your blood group and to check whether one is anemic or not is performed.

The patient is also tested for any disease that is sexually transmitted.

Vaginal examination is also done many times.

Ultra scan and cervical screening test for any kind of infection are also important in many cases.

Once it is done a proper medical case history is prepared to mention the total pregnancy duration.

This becomes a paramount factor for suggesting which abortion method will be most effective and safe.

After studying all the reports the doctor will suggest on this.

When you think of how does an abortion work? You will find several techniques which are involved.

Natural remedies are always appreciated

There are numerous natural home abortion remedies and methods that may work for you.

Usually, during early pregnancy, these methods are very effective and have proved to serve the purpose well.

  • Taking a hot shower on a regular basis along with various natural herbs has also proven to accelerate abortion.
  • Natural home abortion remedies and methods also include intake of various vitamin C foods. These are highly contraceptive. During monthly period times when you doubt pregnancy, it is best to have ample amount of citrus food.
  • Papayas are most trusted as a contraceptive for miscarriages.It is acclaimed as the imperative natural abortion remedy.
  • Pineapples are another fruit which should be consumed for abortion.It is rich in vitamin C and also has certain enzymes that lead to abortion.
  • Incorporating sesame seeds in dishes are also helpful. One can also soak it in water for a night and drink it the next morning.
  • Cinnamon is also another ingredient that serves as a natural remedy.Uncooked cinnamon works more effectively than the cooked ones.
  • Sexual intimacy during the first three months may cause abortion. The penetration and having an orgasm very frequently will lead to effective miscarriage.

Herbal options are also superlative

When you are looking for a pure herbal abortion there are many culminating herbs that can be used?

Black cohosh is one essential herb that helps in abortion. It is necessary to follow it by taking red cohosh.

Blue cohosh is considered as a uterine stimulant. One can consult the herbalist to prescribe the dose.

Taking angelica four times a day with a cup of hot water will also do a great job.

Cotton root bark interferes with corpus luteum and progesterone, this is another simple herb used as a natural remedy.

Pennyroyal is another option but is used very rarely for some of its toxic effects.

For herbal abortion, tansy herb is also used but is highly toxic so make it your last option.

Another good herb is Parsley with is used in combination with other herbs and vitamin C fruit.

It is often used as a pessary which will make the cervix ready for release.

Oenothera hookeri is popular as evening primrose. All the above herbs should be used after consulting an herbalist.

They will be able to suggest you the best one and will also prescribe the right dose.

History of Saline abortion

One method used for from a very long time is the saline abortion.

In this technique, the amniotic fluid is replaced by a saline fluid. This fluid is made of a salt solution.

A syringe and a needle are used to inject the amniotic fluid and inject in the concentrated saline solution.

This solution will kill the fetus. It is also referred as instillation abortion.

The saline abortion is commonly known ways of abortion known nationwide for years.

This is one method of abortion but not hundred percent safe. This is the reason for which it was in controversy many years ago.

Successful methods to adopt

Abortion methods are many but which is most suitable varies from individual to individuals.

Only a well learned doctor will be able to advise you on this.

There are different surgical methods performed by doctors throughout the world.

The stage of pregnancy and the size of the unborn also play a detrimental factor in choosing the most effective method.

From the first day of the last period, weeks of pregnancy are calculated. Two types of abortion suggested are medical and surgical.

Medical abortion can be categorized as early and late medical absorption. Early medical abortions take place within nine weeks of pregnancy.

In this type of abortion two medicines are given at a difference of thirty-six hours and forty-eight hours.

To block the hormone which will prepare a lining of the womb the first medicine is given.

After two days another medicine is given which will break the lining of the womb.

From seven to fifteen weeks vacuum suction is used as abortion methods.

Local anesthesia is given to the patient and within five to ten minutes the fetus is removed through suction.

In surgical abortion forceps as well as suction tubes are used. There are numerous clinics to perform such task.

Only if abortion is very much necessary one should opt for these methods. There are many clinics with efficient doctors for reliable guidance and consultation.

Only when you are fully convinced then go for the remedies. Intelligent decision making with right consultation is the key to a successful miscarriage.

Make sure that you give your life safety a priority in whatever method you adopt. The expenses will also vary depending on the type of treatment being adopted.

Do a rigorous survey before choosing any method.


  1. Am having strange signs and changes… I haven’t seen my period this month and I did a test and it’s proved positive please. am scared please help me to get it out

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    Later we still had sex on the 10th of September that is 14 days
    after. In all these encounters I did not ejaculate inside her vagina. So now
    her period has not yet started. Does it mean that she is pregnant?

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