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David Warren - Pharmaceutical specialist 

David Warren is a pharmaceutical specialist that dispenses prescription medication on a daily basis. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy from the University of Tennessee in 1991. With over 50 publications on medication-related and pharmacy topics, David has been able to share his experiences and knowledge with others.

David with lots of experience and knowledge in medications that are utilized to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Before David dispenses a medication to a patient, he will go over the side effects, dosage recommendation and contraindications.

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 Bruce Kuster - Fitness Coach & Nutritional Expert

Bruce Kuster graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Biology and Health Science, he is also a coach and CrossFit lover, Bruce likes to share his passion for nutrition.

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Carol Turner - Obstetrician
Carol Turner, M.D. is an obstetrician who treats a broad range of women’s health issues. She specializes in pregnancy, general obstetrics, cervical cancer prevention, abnormal vaginal bleeding, minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery.

Dr. Turner’s philosophy of care is the patient. She has spent most of her live educating young women on the importance of routine pre-cancer testing.

Carol received her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.
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